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Ticketing information: Arsenal v Luton Town

Arsenal v Luton Town ticketing graphic, with club crests

Ticketing information for our Premier League fixture against Luton Town, which will take place at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday 3rd April at 7:30pm, (originally scheduled as Tuesday 2nd April at 7:45pm).

This will be a Category C fixture (pricing and information on match categorisation).

New ballot system for Arsenal Members

To ensure fairness and equal opportunity, tickets for home Premier League fixtures will be sold via a ballot system exclusively for Arsenal members. For each match, members have a designated window in which to register either individually or as a group (provided that all members in the group meet the necessary requirements for the relevant ballot).

Timing doesn't matter when it comes to entering our ballots, whether you are an early bird or a last-minute entrant, your chances of winning remain the same. The only crucial factor is that you submit your entry whilst the window is open.

Please see our how-to-buy guide

Arsenal membership is now closed for this season. If you would like to join as a new member for Season 2024/25 please provide your details using this link, and we will contact you via email when membership opens. 

Ballot Improvements

From the Arsenal v Liverpool Premier League fixture onwards, members can select up to two preferred price bands during the registration process. You can also select that you wish to be balloted into any remaining areas if you are not successful in either of your preferred price bands. A choice of price bands will be offered for all Premier League fixtures. Please note that it may not be possible to offer this option for cup fixtures depending on event requirements, and as such this will be confirmed on the relevant ticket information for each fixture.

Ballots Opens Ballots Closes
Friday 1st March 2024 at 10am Monday 4th March 2024 at 10am


Ballot Group 24-hour purchase window Successful applicants to be charged Link
Family Enclosure (Silver & JG) 06/03/2024 at 10am Ballot closed
Family Enclosure (Red & JG) 06/03/2024 at 10am Ballot closed
Disability Access 06/03/2024 at 10am Ballot closed
Silver 07/03/2024 (approximately) Ballot closed
Red 13/03/2024 (approximately) Ballot closed


Family Enclosure Ballot

The family enclosure is a designated seating area for Junior Gunner members and Senior Citizen members. To successfully purchase in the family enclosure ballot, Silver and Cannon Silver members must be accompanied by a Junior Gunner member with a maximum ratio of two adults to one Junior Gunner member. 

Please note: Junior Gunners members aged 13 and under must register into the ballot with an adult member aged 18 and over. Any ballot applications that do not meet these criteria will not be able to purchase.

Once the ballot process is complete, all applicants will be emailed regardless of the outcome. Successful applicants will have a 24-hour window to purchase tickets specifically for the family enclosure area. It is important to complete the purchase within this time frame to secure your tickets in this area.

Adult Red and Cannon Red Members who attend with a Junior Gunner member will also be able to register for tickets in the family enclosure area during this period (One Adult Red/Cannon Red member per Junior Gunner member). Red Senior members may also apply. This service is not available through the regular family enclosure ballot, but via the link found above. Please note, Cannon Red members must be aged 18 or over to accompany a Junior Gunner member who is under the age of 14.

Silver and Red Ballot

To participate in the ballot for both Silver and Red member tickets, we require you to authorise a payment card. If your application is successful, the payment card you provide will be automatically charged and tickets will be assigned to you. The ballot page when open will display a range of available price bands for your reference. Please keep in mind that successful applicants will be assigned seats to the preferred price band/s selected. Should either of the selections not be available, those that choose to be balloted into any remaining areas will be.

Once the ballot process is complete, both unsuccessful and successful applicants will be emailed. It is important to note that booking fees will be applied to this service. In cases where the number of ballot registrations for a match does not exceed the number of available tickets, all members who entered the ballot will be successful in obtaining tickets.

Ballot Graphic

Ballot price range £28.50 - £41.50


  • If your payment card declines, your ballot application will be unsuccessful.

Useful links   

Ticket Exchange & Ticket Transfer

New Improvements to the Ticket Exchange

To ensure that tickets are being used by genuine Arsenal supporters and members, we are making a change to the way that Ticket Exchange will operate. Effective from the Liverpool Premier League ballot on 15 December 2023, Ticket Exchange access will initially be limited to members who were unsuccessful in the ballot. The Exchange may open to other members ahead of the game; this will be communicated on a match-by-match basis via the relevant ticket information page.

These unsuccessful members will be given the chance to purchase tickets via Ticket Exchange during their set Membership sales period.

Once the Silver ballot has concluded unsuccessful Silver Members will gain priority access to the Ticket Exchange. Once the Red ballot has also concluded, all unsuccessful members will have access to Ticket Exchange.

Members will not be able to access Ticket Exchange during the exclusive period if they:

  • Have not entered the ballot.
  • Were successful in the ballot (regardless of whether their ticket is resold on Ticket Exchange)
  • Have a membership number that has been suspended or banned for suspicious activity 
  Season Ticket Holders Silver Members Red Members
Ticket Exchange
Ticket Transfer

If a member is unable to attend a match that they were successful in the ballot for and that match has sold out, they will have the option to post their ticket on our Ticket Exchange platform. This way other fans can purchase tickets and enjoy the match. This ticket information page will be updated once a fixture has sold out and the Ticket Exchange service is available.

The Ticket Transfer service is available for season ticket holders to use once a game is available online (approximately 4-8 weeks before a game).

Both Ticket Exchange and Ticket Transfer services will close 3 hours prior to the match and recipients of tickets via the Ticket Transfer service must have accepted the ticket before this deadline. Please see more information for Ticket Exchange and Ticket Transfer.

Digital tickets

Any tickets purchased by Arsenal members for the 2023/24 season will be loaded onto their Digital Membership Pass.

Members can download their Digital Pass from the official Arsenal app. Once the digital pass has been added to an Apple or Android wallet, any purchased tickets will automatically show on the digital pass approximately one week before the relevant fixture - more information.

Any new members who purchase their membership close to a fixture, will be sent their tickets via an email attachment, in the event their digital pass is not yet available in the Arsenal app.

Any tickets accepted via the Ticket Transfer service will be sent to recipients via email.

Disability Access

Find out much more ticketing information for Disability Access members

Information on balloting for Disability Access will be available via our Help Centre.

If you are purchasing tickets for other Arsenal members, please ensure that each additional member is assigned to your Network prior to your transaction (how to manage your network).

Junior Gunner members can only purchase tickets outside the family enclosure once this area has sold out.


Children who are under 14 years of age must be accompanied and seated within reaching distance to an adult aged 18 or over when attending fixtures at the Emirates Stadium. Please note that any bookings for Junior Gunners members aged under 14 which do not meet Safeguarding regulations will result in the ticket in question being cancelled and a full refund issued.

My Arsenal Rewards

Silver, Red DA, Red and Cannon members can earn points for each ticket purchased. Please see the table below to see how many points you can earn for each match category (more information).

Match Category My Arsenal Reward Points per ticket
A 50
B 100
C 200
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