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You can get the following fixture lists as calendar imports:

- First-team fixtures
- Academy fixtures
- Arsenal Ladies fixtures

Red and Silver members, you can download the dates when your priority ticket windows open, giving you the reminder you need to make sure you are first in line to buy tickets.

- Red member ticket reminders
- Silver member ticket reminders

We're using a different calendar provider to the one you may have used before. It's more reliable, more convenient for smartphone use, and once subscribed you'll no longer need to renew each season as we'll always update the same calendars.

Just click here to open the calendar install window, select the fixtures/ticket reminders you'd like to add, complete the relevant fields and you’ll have the reminders on your device. This will be a subscription, so any updates made to fixtures and ticket reminders will automatically be updated in your calendar.

If you do have any issues using our new calendar tool please contact

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