Contact Disability Liaison Team

Phone - Call 020 7619 5000 (Option 2) The team are available Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm and on matchdays
Please use our New Enquiry form to get in touch with the team, selecting from the drop down lists to describe your enquiry

Social Media
Follow the Arsenal Disability Liaison team on Twitter @AFC_Disability.

Disability Access (DA) Ballot

Tickets will be balloted for registered DA Members. There will be a separate ballot for wheelchair user and ambulant disabled tickets, including your PA ,if eligible.
Arsenal DA members can conveniently register for the ballot via the relevant match ticketing page on the Disabled Supporters Information Page . Please ensure you that you complete the form carefully as incorrect applications may be rejected
Please note a Personal Assistant can only enter the stadium with the Red DA Member. If a PA arrives earlier than the disabled supporter they are accompanying, they must wait outside until they arrive and enter together.

Ticket Exchange

In the event that a Member is unable to attend a match they were successful in the ballot for, and that match has sold out, they will have the option to post their ticket on our Ticket Exchange platform. This way, other fans can purchase the ticket and enjoy the match.
Ticket Exchange will close 3hrs prior to the match.
Starting from the Liverpool Premier League ballot on 15 December 2023, Ticket Exchange access will initially be limited to members who were unsuccessful in the ballot. These unsuccessful members will be given the chance to purchase tickets via Ticket Exchange during their set Membership sales period once data checks have been put in place to ensure that genuine members are correctly given access to Ticket Exchange. The Exchange may open to other members ahead of the game; this will be communicated on a match-by-match basis via the relevant ticket information page. Click here to see more information on Ticket Exchange.

Helpful Tips for ballot registration

To assist supporters in the ballot registration process, we recommend the following:

- Keep your contact details up to date.
- Ensure that all membership accounts are activated on the Online Box Office. Activating a membership will allow you to login to the Online Box Office where you can update your details, purchase tickets and renew memberships.
- Ensure that each additional Member is assigned to your online network prior to your transaction. This will simplify the booking process if this has been done in advance; click here for a helpful guide.

Access to the Stadium

As an Arsenal Member, you can conveniently access Emirates Stadium using your digital pass. You can download your digital pass via the latest version of the Arsenal app. The digital passes utilize NFC technology, similar to Apple and Google Pay, which you may have already used for payments at shops or while traveling on the tube.

Click here to find out more about using the digital version of your membership card to access Emirates Stadium.

Can I enter the ballot with a non-Disability Access member?

Yes, Disability Access Members will be able to apply in the ballot with another Disability Access Member, Silver or Junior Gunner Member. Please note that Disability Access Members will not be able to enter the ballot with Red Members, as the Red Member's ballot will take place after the DA ballot is run. Tickets will be subject to availability.