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2019/20 Season Ticket - How it works and Match Categorisation

Each Arsenal season ticket for the 2019/20 campaign gives you admission to 26 graded matches.

Your season tickets include all 19 home Premier League and the first seven home cup matches in European competitions and the Emirates FA Cup, with all fixtures subject to match categorisation. The 26 matches are structured into five category A, ten category B and six category C matches, plus the UEFA Europa League fixtures: three category EL4 (Group Stage) and two category EL3 (Round of 32 and 16). The category assigned to each game is determined by a number of factors including previous levels of demand and interest.

Match categorisation is necessary should the number and type of matches played in a season result in a refund or additional cost to the price of your season ticket. For example, during the 2018/19 season we played 27 home matches, with the eighth cup tie being the UEFA Europa League semi-final 1st leg match against Valencia CF.  

As has been the case in previous seasons, season ticket holders were given the choice to opt out of purchasing a ticket(s) for this additional cup match played at Emirates Stadium. For those supporters who did not opt out of attending this fixture, the additional charge will be communicated in your season ticket renewal email. 

Supporters are reminded; The Carabao Cup (League Cup) is not included in a season ticket.

Match categorisation for the 2019/20 season are now fully listed below:

Season ticket composition table and breakdown of the 2018-19, 2017-18 seasons

Opposition   Competition     Category
Burnley   Premier League     C
Tottenham Hotspur   Premier League     A
Aston Villa   Premier League     B
Royal Standard de Liège   UEFA Europa League     EL4GS
A.F.C. Bournemouth   Premier League     C  

Arsenal v Vitória Sport Clube

  UEFA Europa League     EL4GS
Crystal Palace   Premier League     B
Wolverhampton Wanderers   Premier League     B
Southampton   Premier League     B
Eintracht Frankfurt   UEFA Europa League     EL4GS
Brighton & Hove Albion   Premier League     C
Manchester City   Premier League     A
Chelsea   Premier League     A
Manchester United   Premier League     A
Leeds United   The Emirates FA Cup     C
Sheffield United   Premier League     C
Newcastle United   Premier League     B
Everton   Premier League     B
Olympiacos FC   UEFA Europa League     EL3
West Ham United   Premier League     B
Norwich City   Premier League     C
Leicester City   Premier League     B
Liverpool   Premier League     A
Watford   Premier League     B









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