Mustafi - Don’t think too far ahead

Arsenal celebrate Walcott's second against Swansea

Shkodran Mustafi has now played five Premier League matches for Arsenal, and Arsène Wenger's side have won them all.

The German international spoke to the media after Saturday's win over Swansea City - read on to see what he said.

on a tough game…
When I came here, the people told me that you only have tough games in the Premier League, and it was one more for us, but in the end one more win.

on playing with 10 men…
That’s part of the game. We had to deal with it. If you want to stay up there in the table, you have to know how to manage the situations as well. I think we did it well. We could have done it better but in the end we did our job.

on challenging…
I think there’s no point in thinking to far ahead. We just need to think day after day and game after game. We’re going to have a tough game on Wednesday as well, so we have to be prepared for that game. Sometimes when you think too far in the future, you forget about the present and then you lose points. That’s what we don’t want to do.

on if there’s a sense of relief…
I’m happy for the supporters as well. They come to celebrate, if you give them three points, three goals, they are happy. I think they deserve to be happy. It just shows you that the Premier League is really difficult. It doesn’t matter who you’re facing, you have to be at 100 per cent to get the three points out of the game.

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