Wenger on Ozil and Walcott goals

Our win over Swansea will be remembered for a gutsy rearguard action with 10 men, and a classic goal from Mesut Ozil.

Read on for Arsene Wenger’s take on Ozil’s beauty and two more goals for Theo Walcott.

on whether Ozil’s goal was like Van Basten’s classic…
I do not want to compare, but it was a great goal. When you see Ozil finishing today, you think a little bit that he doesn’t take his chances to shoot enough. When you see him in training, he scores basically when he wants. You speak with the keepers and he’s one of the most difficult players to predict where he’ll put the ball. In the game, I’m happy that he gets goals and I hope that gives him the taste to try more.

on if Walcott was disappointed not to get a hat-trick…
He could have had a hat-trick, or even four, because he had another chance from Oxlade-Chamberlain. But he scored two goals. I think he’s got seven now, that’s quite encouraging.

on Walcott appearing to be a little more resilient…
I would cut the ‘little bit’ off in your sentence and just say he’s much more resilient, and not a little bit.


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