Wenger: ‘It looked a dark yellow to me’

Arsene Wenger addressed the big talking points after our 3-2 win over Swansea City - including holding on for the three points with 10 men.

Read on for some of the key quotes:

on the win coming at a cost…
Yes, what looked to become a comfortable afternoon finished in a very uncomfortable way. But we just got over the line. I thought we played some fantastic football in patches but at 2-0 maybe we lost our focus a bit. After that, at 3-1, [it happened] again. When we were down to 10 men at 3-2, we could have scored the fourth goal but we could have conceded as well. In the end we just got over the line. We played together, with spirit until the end. It was difficult at the end.

on if the spirit carried Arsenal through…
Yeah, I felt so. We strengthened our defensive shape with 10 men as well, and I feel that what makes a difference is that everybody who comes on is completely focused to do well. That helps.

on Xhaka’s red card…
It looked harsh to me. But it was a deliberate foul. It looked a dark yellow - and the referee went for a bright red.

on if Xhaka will learn from it…
I think intelligence means you don’t make the same mistake twice, and I hope he learns from that.

on if he’ll appeal the red card…

on if he’s spoken to Xhaka about discipline…
Not yet, no. Before, in Germany, he had some [red cards] but I don’t think he’s a dirty player at all. Sometimes there have been some clumsy tackles, because he’s not a natural defender, he’s a guy who likes to play forward. I will speak to him. I think Barrow made a lot of it as well, because he could go on. But the referee saw a bad tackle and you have to respect that. It is what it is, and he has to learn from it.


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