Boss on Iwobi, Cavani and the group

How is Alex Iwobi feeling? How big a deal would it be to finish second in Group A? And should Edinson Cavani have stayed on the pitch?

Those questions were all put to Arsene Wenger after Wednesday’s 2-2 draw with Paris Saint-Germain. Scroll down for his replies:

on how Alex Iwobi is feeling…
Look, it can happen. The frustrating thing I think is that Ospina was behind him. He is certainly the most disappointed by what happened to him. But that is part of the game. We have to take that on the chin and support him and go back into the next game.

on whether finishing second in the group would be a big issue…
At the moment we are second - but it’s not over. We have a 90 per cent chance to finish second but we wanted to finish first. But at the moment we have not lost a game in this group, you know. Overall, we have done the job well and will it be enough to finish first? I don’t know. Will that be bad or good for us? I think we have to wait for the draw. As you look at all the groups, you cannot really guess is it good or bad. The advantage if you finish first is that you play the second game at home, but for me, what is more disappointing is we wanted to win the game and we didn’t win it. It is disappointing.

on if Arsenal deserved a draw considering Cavani’s chances…
[They came forward] in the final part of the game when we wanted absolutely to win. You have to take that into consideration. When you’re 2-1 up and you score an own goal, you’re entitled somewhere to think you could have won the game. Overall it’s maybe a fair result because if you look at the number of chances we created, I would concede it’s maybe fair.


on if Cavani was lucky to stay on the pitch after the Ramsey incident…
I think it wasn’t too much. It was a bit what happens in the games.

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