Wenger on title race, Alexis, his future

We return to Premier League action for the second time in just four days when we host West Ham United at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday.

Scroll down to see what Arsène Wenger said to the media at London Colney ahead of the clash.
on when he is hoping to make an announcement on his future…
I have answered that question many times. I can understand that you ask again. Don’t worry, you will get that soon.
on whether he wishes he could resolve this matter sooner…
I wish just to dedicate my energy to football and the next game, and leave my own personal case out of the debate. What is important… I think if I’ve shown one thing in my 20 years, it’s that I care about Arsenal, I care about the next game, and I will continue to do that as long as I’m here. 
on how the uncertainty around his future has affected his job…
Nothing. I am professional and when you are professional, you perform in ideal conditions and non-ideal conditions as well. That’s what it is to be professional. 
on whether there’s a sense of a reinvention of Arsene Wenger…
It’s difficult to debate about things which are not so important. What is important is a good football team on the football pitch who play good football. All the rest is literature and we can debate, speak and organise forums. What is important is good footballers who play with the right spirit, the right attitude and the right pride to defend the colours of the club.
on how important it is to resolve the future of Alexis…
He has one and a half years of contract, I don’t see what suddenly all that debate is about. We are professional football people, I don’t understand. Our job is to perform as long as we are somewhere, when I sign a contract I commit until the last day of my contract. And that is what it is to be professional. So I do not understand this kind of anxiety one and a half years before the end of contracts. It’s absolutely denying what a professional guy is about.
on the support of the fans and his message to them…
What I believe, again, is everybody has an opinion today. What is important is that guys who can influence the results stick together and take care of what matters really for them, which is to  win football games.
on if title race is back on…
It depends on City tomorrow night at Chelsea. Chelsea are still in a very comfortable position, but it’s still possible that the title race is back on, yes.

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