What does Alexis think of London?

He’s enjoying a superb start to the season on the pitch, but what makes Alexis tick off it?

The Arsenal Magazine sat down with our forward recently - check out this excerpt, and don’t forget to get this month’s issue by clicking here:

What do you like to do in London?

I like to go to London to eat something or have a drink with my friends. However, I am a very home-loving person and I spend a lot of time at home.

Do you ever get the chance to explore the city?

I do explore the city if I have the time for it but normally I would rather stay relaxed at home. London can be a stressful place because it´s crowded and it´s a big city. Our routines as footballers can be energy-consuming too. You play one game after another, meet new people every day and travel a lot. That is why I try to disconnect and relax as soon as I get some time off.


Alexis adorns the front of the latest Arsenal Magazine

Alexis adorns the front of the latest Arsenal Magazine


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