Wenger - No player is my 'Plan B'

Just because Olivier Giroud came off the bench to score twice at Sunderland last weekend, it doesn’t make him a 'Plan B'.

That’s because no Arsenal player is considered by Arsene Wenger as anything but a top-class performer who can have an impact from the start of a game - or from the bench.

"There is no Plan B in any squad, I never thought about my players like that," said the boss. "The team who is the most effective for the next game, that’s what you pick and I consider everyone as a regular player.

"That is basically what a manager thinks, what is [best] for the next game. If he is involved in the next game in your mind, he plays. If not then he doesn’t start. He [Giroud] has shown he is a huge asset for the club and I have always supported him.

"No matter who plays [against Tottenham] I have a squad of 25 players who are all top class and I think this game, a game of that stature, is not about 11 - it’s about 25.

"Everybody is focused, everybody is ready to contribute and everybody’s contribution will count on Sunday. We have show that recently in the games, the players we have just spoken about, Giroud for example, he came on against Sunderland and made the difference. It just shows that everybody’s contribution will be absolutely vital."


Our relatively poor record in November has been flagged up in the media this week but Tuesday night’s win in Bulgaria was a good start. And the boss is confident that winning run will continue.

"From our recent history we have show that even when we were down or when we were tested mentally, we had the right response and that mental aspect will of course be very important," he said.

"It’s exciting because we have an opportunity to show that we are ready for a challenge like [improving our November form] and do better than we have done historically. I’m sure that this team can face the history."


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