Wenger on resting Ozil, Jack, Ramsey

Arsene Wenger press conference

A rest for Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere’s future and Aaron Ramsey’s primary position were among the topics of discussion at Arsene Wenger’s pre-match press conference on Thursday.

Read on for the manager’s view:

on whether Mesut Ozil will be rested during the international break…
I got a noise of that, yes. I think it would be an intelligent decision and I would welcome the decision but we have to wait until he [Joachim Loew] gives his selection out to see if Mesut Ozil will get a rest or not.

on how midday kick-offs change preparations…
You get up a bit earlier and eat a bit earlier, but basically no.

on Jack Wilshere’s future…
I think he has [a future at Arsenal] but that’s my opinion.

on Fifa’s poppy stance…
I find it a little bit surprising. I believe that, by wanting to be too politically correct, sometimes you go against tradition. In this case, that is the part of English culture that I love. They respect tradition and they respect people who have given their life for their country. I think that Fifa should not get involved in that.


on whether Aaron Ramsey will regularly play on the right…
I just consider the next game and try to find the balance with the players to be in a position where they can give their best for the team. Aaron Ramsey has come back from 11 weeks injury you know, he has to come back, you do not come back [and have that] magic. It takes time but he can bring us his strengths in every single position - wide or central. He prefers to play central, to be central, and I can understand that. But when he plays wide he has enough freedom to be central as well.

on whether Aaron talks to him about that…
Yes, of course I speak with all of the players about their performances, about their positions. Most of the time I think you want the players to be happy and to play in their best position.


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