Theo - My chemistry with Alexis

Our pace and mobility in attack caught the eye on Wednesday night, and a big part of it was the connection between matchwinner Theo Walcott and the man who set up both his goals - Alexis.

Here’s Theo’s take on his burgeoning relationship with the Chilean star:

on the combination between himself and Alexis…
It’s getting a good sort of partnership there, but it’s not just that, the whole team seems to be clicking. Me and Hector have got a good relationship on that right-hand side, it’s quite a pacy right-hand side.

I think the whole team tends to react well and defend well as a unit and clean sheets are going to win games because we’re going to score plenty of goals. That combination between me and Alexis, it’s boding well but it’s obviously still very early into the season, so hopefully we can all stay fit and it’s going to be a good run.

on the chemistry with Alexis…
It’s started off very well. I will look back on this game but, yeah, the combinations between me and him are very positive at this moment in time. We seem to sort of know when we play off each other quite well. If he comes short, I go long and we’ve just got a good sort of combinations.

The whole team has tended to play very well together, and when we lose the ball everyone tries to be first to get it back. That starts from Alexis at the top and he sets the pace for us all, and it seems to be clicking at this moment in time.


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