Wenger on transfers and Chambers

With transfer deadline day approaching fast, Arsene Wenger discussed Arsenal’s prospects of adding to their squad in his press conference on Friday.

You can read a full transcript of what he had to say below:

on making signings…We are working on the deals. We are not close enough to announce today that they will sign for us, and will we sign anybody before the end of the transfer window? I am 99 per cent confident.

on transfer deadline day…Today, maybe I am a bit too optimistic, but I hope we have done what we wanted before [deadline day].

on Calum Chambers’ future being affected by a new signing…Future? No. The fact that he could go out somewhere and play? Yes.


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on this summer’s transfer market…It was a strange transfer market. I expected it to be easier than ever but it was more difficult than ever. Not a lot has happened. It looks like when you meet other clubs and you have an English passport, you hit these [big] prices which are very difficult to understand compared to the quality of the players. It looks like it will be frenetic for me in the last three days. Everybody has sat on their pounds until now. We know they will all splash out now. I expect the next three days to be very, very busy, so be on alert!

on whether transfers will be a distraction from the Watford game…Not for me, not for us. We know the priority is to get results and to win your next game. We have shot ourselves in the foot so we have to respond very quickly. When you look at the other teams, they’re making points.

on pleasing fans with transfers…I’m happy when our supporters are happy. My job is to make the right decisions, if that is exactly similar to the contract of the players and that maintains the supporters being happy - that is even better. I focus first on making the right decisions for the club.

on the club spending big money this summer if reported deals go through…You accuse me now of being a money splasher!

on if that puts to bed him not spending money if deals go through…It is a shame you are not my friend. You will see I spend a lot of money.

on if he gets those two deals done will there be any more…We already have a big squad, and we are already short on the numbers now. We have a requested number, and we can’t have any more players any way.

on if players might leave…I don’t think so. With Joel Campbell going out, Calum Chambers maybe will go on loan somewhere. It will be alright.


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