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Read extra quotes from Arsene Wenger’s pre-match press conference ahead of the Watford game:

on it being hard not to be impulsive on transfers… 
I have to make the right decision, knowing that it is not easy. What we spoke about many times, you are not the only one who decides about the timing. My job is to resist stress and pressure, while keeping my head in the blue, just what is right. Focus in life is on one thing. You want to go from A to B, how far can you maintain that focus, and make the right decisions? Unfortunately, we all make mistakes.
on how hard that is…
What has changed from the 80s to today is that transparency has become unlimited. Everybody knows who is available, who you should buy, you have more compulsory information. But the freedom has gone a little bit as well. Because you have more pressure on people today. The 80s were the period of freedom. You can be who you want to be. Today most of the people have to be to please others. The pressure in the society is for less freedom, more that what you do has to please others. But in my job, the pressure has to be to make the right decisions for the team and for the club. That is maybe the best way to please others, unfortunately. At the end of the season you will see if I made it.”
on whether it worries him to spend a lot…
No. I always told you it’s not a question of numbers. It’s do you have the money to spend it? That is the first [question]. And after, do you make sure that you spend it well? And I think when I told you the transfer is linked of course with talent, the expected strength, but as well with resale. When you buy a player of 24 you can always get your money back. I believe we bought Xhaka, if we get another player in who is around his age, it is an interesting age for the future as well for the club.

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on whether fans ask him about signings in the street…
Many times, ‘Buy’ - but it is never aggressive. It is quite a difference between the behaviour of the people I meet when I go out somewhere. People are usually nice and supportive.
on why we are so we fascinated by transfer window…
People have been addicted to news. We leave in a society where we need always new faces, hope for the future. You want to dream and fear as well because the other clubs buy, you don’t buy. There is fear to be behind the others. If you look at the last season for example, it is not necessarily the club who bought the most that is in front. You will see how many transfers will happen in the next three or four days. It will be amazing. Maybe the biggest amount ever.
on whether Premier League spending will pass £1 billion…
A billion (hand gesture points up). I don't know but I'm convinced. There are many, many clubs in England who have a big amount of money available and haven't spent yet- you could say all of them. Who has finished in the market? Nobody. Everybody is waiting, I think, to get the deals done. The clubs who want to sell to English clubs today they fix a huge amount of money so it takes a long time to settle and then the clubs resist, resist and maybe in the next three days everybody will find agreements.
on frustration at not doing deals earlier…
Yeah, but you are not the only one who decides that. Especially when you deal with leagues that start late, if you start in June. This season I thought we had the most easy transfer window ever, because we knew what we wanted and who we wanted and it didn't come off so you have to restart. When you restart, when you handle some leagues they are holiday, there was the European Championship and nothing happened, you couldn't find anybody. I met some people in the VIP rooms before games but it is not the best place to do deals but that is why it was very late, it is not ideal for us.

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