Wenger on Ozil, Giroud, transfers

Read more quotes from Saturday’s post-press conference as Arsene Wenger looks back on the Leicester game, two of his returning players, Rob Holding’s performance and the latest on transfers.

on Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil…
Giroud does not look completely ready physically but that should improve every week now. Ozil I think as well, one more week will get them closer.

on Rob Holding…
I believe he had an outstanding performance for a young boy who has never played in the Premier League and played against top strikers today. So I can only reiterate that I am happy to speak about him because it’s good for English football that a young boy gets a chance in a big club in England and shows that he will be a quality player.

on transfer criticism…
It doesn’t cost a lot of money, that. Why do you say I’m reluctant, I don’t understand that? If I buy you tomorrow for £45m that means I’ve bought you for £45m, have I done well? Yes, if I listen to you, I will have done well because I spent the money. That is not a quality, buying a top player, that is different - and we are ready to do that. I spend £300m if I find the player and if I have the £300m. Not to forget as well that we are a club who has 600 employees who we need to have a responsible attitude for as well. It’s a bit surprising that you come out of football games and you don’t speak about football, you have to speak about money. I believe that you have to respect the players who play, the performance that has been done today by those teams and if you find players who can strengthen our team, then we are not reluctant to spend the money.

on transfers in the next week…
We are highly influenced by the media so that’s part of the process today. We try to make the right decisions, it’s as simple as that.

on not finding the right player…
Look, we are a whole team working on strengthening the team. I am not the only one and unfortunately nobody speaks about the performance of Rob Holding today. You should be happy, he’s English, he’s 20 years old, but I am sorry, he did not cost £55m so he cannot be good and that is for me what is most disappointing for me. You don’t speak about the performances of the players anymore, you just speak about money. Anything else than football. I believe that it’s not right.


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