‘We could’ve got more from that'

Arsenal were held to a goalless draw at Leicester City in their first away game of the new Premier League season. Here’s what the boss said about the match itself:

on the draw…
We could have got more out of that but maybe we could’ve lost it in the last five minutes. Overall it was a game where we had the chances and I think overall it was a game of intensity, of quality. They were very direct, of course, as we know and we needed to have the courage to play without making mistakes at the back and giving them chances on the counter-attack. That’s what the game was about, it was a fight until the end. You could see that Leicester had some mental qualities that explained why they were champions last year.

on a lack of clear chances…
If you watch the game again I think we did have clear chances in this game. In the first half in the last 20 minutes we had good opportunities. I believe the chances were there. We still lacked a little bit of speed of decision, a decisive mind and a decisive ball in the final third but it’s an up already from our last game at home.

on Leicester’s level…
Similar. Kante is Kante, over a longer period maybe, he had an exceptional influence but they looked to me to have the same determination. They lost only three games last year and that shows that you cannot say that by losing only one player they lose their qualities.


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