Arsenal highlights like you've never heard before!

That moment, that drama, that Emirates roar 😍

Arsenal fans, we've got a treat for you!


We’re delighted to be working in conjunction with tech startup Salsa Sound to bring you a more immersive match highlights package that takes you inside the ground so you can soak up all the key moments from the game.

Salsa Sound has adapted its software especially for the club to produce a more enhanced audio mix to complement the video, so that viewers will feel like they are inside The Emirates - no matter where they are in the world.


This is available as an immersive experience to everyone - note: to gain the best experience please wear your headphones!

Check it out by clicking the 'Play' button above - and remember your headphones!


Just as way of comparison, you can see our normal highlights package without Salsa Sound's experience mix added below.

If you're reading this on the App, please click here so you can access the original highlights package.




Salsa are also offering an in-stadium enhancement – analysing the sound levels from different parts of the stadium to see which part is loudest and encouraging competition between fans to see which end can be loudest (Clock End v The North Bank) – boosting the overall sound level in the stadium.


“Arsenal is a great club with such a fantastic history and pedigree and we’re honoured to be working with them to bring these innovative experiences to their fans worldwide," said Rob Oldfield, CEO of Salsa Sound.


"Nothing quite beats watching a game live in the stadium, and the roar of the crowd - especially when the team scores a 95th-minute winner - but it is a privilege to be able to give fans that experience even if they can’t physically make it to the stadium.”


Salsa Sound is working in conjunction with the club as part of the Arsenal Innovation Lab, brought to you by Sportsbet.io.

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