What is Junior Gunners?

Junior Gunners is the youth membership scheme at Arsenal Football Club. It’s a club for our youngest fans, and as a Member you get access to lots of great benefits. Being a Welcome to our World member is the first step, and once you turn four you are ready to be promoted to Team JGs!

Does this Membership give me ticket rights?

Unfortunately, one of your benefits is not access to tickets. However, when you are promoted to Team JGs you’ll be able to buy tickets in the Family Enclosure.

When do we receive the Membership pack?

The Membership pack is sent within 28 days of joining as a Member to the postal address provided upon registration. If you have not received your membership pack within this time period, please contact us on ask@arsenal.co.uk.

How can we come to your events?

To attend events you must enter a competition on the Junior Gunners website, using the Membership Number you have been given.

When does my Membership end?

Your Membership will be rolled on to the following season as long as you are under four years old on 31st August 2021. We’ll automatically renew you in May so you can continue to enjoy the Membership when the new season starts in June.

What is the Silver Membership Waiting List?

"As a Junior Gunner, you are automatically added to the Silver Membership Waiting List on joining, and remain on the list for every season you renew your Membership.
This means, when you are too old to continue being a Junior Gunner, you will move to Cannon Membership (for 17 and 18 year olds). You will remain a Cannon Member until the Season you turn 19 years old, on or before 31st August. At which point you will be offered Silver or Red Membership, depending on your place on the Silver Membership Waiting List."