Washington, DC

The latest stop in our tour of Arsenal supporters groups takes us to Washington, DC. The home hundreds of foreign embassies, consulates and organizations, Washington is truly an international city. As branch manager Joshua Vaughan says, that is what makes the area such a great place for football - and not just the American variety:

“Being a world capital, DC is full of football fans, and home to a very large Gooner community.” 



Group name: DC Armoury

Location: Washington, DC

Main Pub: Lou's City Bar

1400 Irving St. NW, Washington

Facebook: DC Armoury

Twitter: @DCArmoury 



Year established: "The branch has been around more or less informally since 2003 or so, but the Armoury was founded early in 2010."

The Pub: Our home is Lucky Bar in Dupont Circle, regarded far and wide as the best soccer bar in DC, thanks in no small part to the DC Gooners. If you're a local Gooner looking for a place to watch the Arsenal among your own kind, or if you're just visiting the capital and need your Arsenal fix, then DC Armoury is the place for you.

We also have a second home pub across the Potomac in Arlington. Ireland's Four Courts is home to an extension of the group for Arsenal fans in Northern Virgina. 

Number of active members: "We usually get around 25-30 people in for average matches, but we bring in excess of 50 people for the larger affairs."

Where our members hail from: "All over the place...the District, Virginia and Maryland, a few expats from Britain and farther afield, and travelling Gooners in town on a matchday. Being a world capital lends itself to diversity, and DC Armoury is no exception."

Group’s favorite Arsenal moment: "It's difficult to say, since there have been so many, but beating Man Utd. usually ranks pretty high on the list."

Why we are Gooners: "We're here for the stylish play, the tremendous history of the club, and the sense of community that comes with being a Gooner. Anyone can follow Man Utd. or Chelsea, but following the Arsenal, and meeting other people that do as well, is truly special."

Why Arsenal should be 'America's team': "If you love the game and want to follow a club that's about more than money and marketing, then the Arsenal is for you."


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