Tampa, FL

If you are in the Tampa Bay area be sure to meet up with the local Arsenal America branch!



Group name: Gulf Coast Gooners

Location: Tampa, Florida

Home Pub: MacDinton's SoHo

405 South Howard Avenue, Tampa

Facebook: Gulf Coast Gooners

Twitter: @GC_Gooners



The Gulf Coast Gooners are another member of the Florida contingent of Arsenal America that also includes Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Miami and Orlando.

The group was officially founded in 2010, but they had been meeting up casually for years before that. Since then, they have grown to become the most active supporters group in the Tampa Bay area.

With such a large and diverse population, it should come as no surprise that Arsenal have strong support in thoughout the area. And they come from miles around to support the Gunners.

“You can find someone that supports or knows about Arsenal anywhere you go,” said group manager Brian Pekdur. “Some of us drive more than half-an-hour every week to come watch the games.”

The group meets at MacDinton’s in South Tampa. The pub has been their home since before the group actually formed.

“The atmosphere is lively and energetic, chanting and singing is a regular occurrence before, during, and after the games,” Pekdur said. “Be prepared to lose your voice!”

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