Providence, RI

If you are in Rhode Island be sure to head to Providence to meet up with the statewide branch of Arsenal America!



Group name: Rhode Island Gooners

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Home Pub: Hope Street Pizza

772 Hope St, Providence

Facebook: Rhode Island Gooners

Twitter: @RIArsenal

The group's beginnings: "Our group was born in 2009 in a bid to find other Arsenal supporters in the area."

Arsenal in Rhode Island: "After trying a few different places, we call Hope Street Pizza in Providence home. Don't let the name fool you, it is a bar and the setup works well for us.  The pub has great access to the university population around Brown and of course all of the people downtown. 

"If you happen to be in Newport and can't get to Providence, there are usually a few members at The Fastnet Pub on Broadway."

Number of active members: "The usual turnout for games is around 10, but around 25 show up to the pub for the bigger matches.

"We are a small but passionate group of supporters and encourage fellow fans to join us. We currently have a few initiatives to further get the word out and increase the size of our viewing parties. Whether you call Rhode Island home, or are just passing through, we look forward to meeting you."


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