Milwaukee, WI

If you are in the Milwaukee area be sure to meet up with one of the newest branches of Arsenal America!



Group name: Brew City Gunners

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Home Pubs: The Highbury

2322 S. Kinnickinnic Ave, Bay View

Facebook: Brew City Gunners

Twitter: @BrewCityGunners

The group's beginnings: Founded in September 2013.

"Brew City Gunners fell dormant due to work demands of the original founder. I went to The Highbury and began to wonder who was in charge of the local chapter, as I didn't feel the presence of the Club and many people I talked to hadn't heard of it. After tracking down the original founder, we began a re-launch in April 2014."

Usual turnout at the pub: By the end of 2013/14 season, we were seeing around 15-20 Arsenal supporters at the Highbury for each game. Our base had been divided between two "official" pubs, but going forward we are hoping to get everyone in the same place.

"The Highbury opens early on matchdays, and there's always a decent sized crowd of supporters. All fans are welcome, but it's first and foremost an Arsenal bar. There are multiple matches on various TVs spread throughout -- -- even Crystal Palace, though, has its stalwart fans!  It’s a small pub but it gets very loud."

Arsenal in Milwaukee: "There are at least three pubs that offer live matchday football viewing, and supporters of all sides are split across these various pubs. The growth of the EPL in the U.S. has made it much easier to consistently watch and support Arsenal.

"The pub scene is definitely growing this year and I feel like Arsenal is really gaining some respect among the causal and even loyal supporters of their particular club. I have never met any negativity, but I will get the 'YEAH ARSENAL!!!' from people when I wear my Arsenal gear out.

"Milwaukee is so conditioned to soccer fans that it's normal to hit a pub at 7am. There are a ton of people, clubs, taverns, etc. that have contributed to building a really strong soccer fan community here.

"That community spirit-- singing/chanting with other supporters, dealing with hard losses, and cheering the victories with other fans and NOT just by myself at home – has already been fantastic. Hopefully we'll make many more memories in the days ahead!"

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