Dallas, TX

English football in Dallas Cowboys Country? You better believe it. We got our first look at this passionate group during the Dallas Cup in 2011. A squad made up of Arsenal's of youth players competed in the prestigious tournament and were supported by the local fans all the way. If you find yourself deep in the heart of Texas, you'll find plenty of fellow Gooners – especially at the local Arsenal pubs. As a local says:

Meet the fans: Dallas

Group name: Dallas Gooner Society
Location: Dallas, Texas
Main Pub: The Londoner
14930 Midway Rd, Addison
Facebook: Dallas Gooner Society
Twitter: @DGoonerSociety

Come on and say hello! We are a welcoming group who would love to educate someone who's perhaps making their debut, or one who has been fancied to a seasoned professional.

Year established: February 2011

Number of people who turn out for matches: "Currently, we have more than 200 Gooners in the group. Turn out for BIG matches is usually around 80-100, and we consistently see 50+ throughout the campaign."

Home pubs:  The Londoner -- 14930 Midway Rd, Addison, TX (972) 458-2444. 

"The Londoner has a fantastic staff, always open for matchdays, even the hideously early ones. During non-televised matches we stream Arsenal Player together from our laptops and tablets and Facebook/ Twitter from the Pub.

From Across the Pond -- 8447 Blvd 26, North Richland Hills, TX (817) 428-2332

"We originated in Addison, attracting die-hard fans from afar looking for a pub for matchday atmosphere. We were born and bred in The Londoner, but we quickly spread over to another pub, From Across the Pond, which is about 25 miles to the west."

Where our members hail from: "Locals, ex-pats and international fans from all across the globe."

The group's beginnings: "The couch. And that was it. In the beginning, there was just (and still is) a certain brown leather couch that resides at The Londoner in Addison which has shared genuine tears and beers from a handful of Gooners. The Londoner used to be predominantly Man Utd or Chelsea, but now it's absolutely overrun with the Red and White of North London. We even out-sing and out-number them when we lose! From just a few of us taking flak from the dominant rival supporters group, to having our own pub that we dominate. Now, all we need is a Premier League title."

Arsenal in Dallas: "Arsenal's popularity in the Dallas area is growing exponentially, pretty much due entirely to the antics of the DGS! We are well known for being passionate, loud and.., well, loud."

Top moments: "We met Thierry Henry after an FC Dallas match at Pizza Hut Park and Arsenal held a meet and greet with Steve Morrow. But my personal favorite was from Arsenal's triumph over Barcelona in the Champions League which resulted in a scar, two overturned tables, and a good dozen or so pint glasses on the floor. It was madness, and we all went hoarse from singing."

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