Cincinnati, OH

If you are in the Cincinnati area be sure to meet up with the local branch of Arsenal America!

Meet the fans: Cincinnati

Group name: Cincinnati Gooners
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Home Pub: Rhinehaus
119 E 12th St, Cincinnati 
Facebook: Cincy Gooners 
Twitter: @CincyGooners 

Although the group was founded in 2012, The Cincinnati Gooners experienced some growing pains and it wasn't until September 2013 that they really got off the ground.

The group have changed venues a couple of times over the years, but are now firmly settled in at the Rhinehaus.

The pub is located just adjacent to Downtown in Cincinnati's historic Over-the-Rhine district. The location itself is worth a mention: the 19th-century urban neighborhood was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 - along with its more than 900 contributing buildings.

Arthur Southard, one of the group founders, said turnout at the pub varies depending on the game, but there is always a great atmosphere with supporters from multiple clubs up for exchanging "good banter."

"We hope word spreads about Cincinnati Gooners and that we outnumber the fans of the other Premier League clubs," Southard said.

"We're just a group of Gooners getting together to enjoy some futbol!"


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