Charlotte, NC

"We are a diverse group of supporters that have a massive passion for The Arsenal!"

Meet the fans: CharlottE

Group name: Queen City Gooners
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Home Pub: Rí Rá Irish Pub
208 North Tryon Street, Charlotte
Facebook: Queen City Gooners
Twitter: @QueenCityGooner

Year established: 2011

"A couple of us were meeting at houses watching the matches and we kept realizing that there were a lot more Arsenal supporters in the area. We decided to bring them all together to share the passion that we all have for the club!"

Number of active members:  "The usual turnout at the pub is around 20-25 for the 'normal' matches, but we see 60 or more for really high profile games."

Group's favorite Arsenal moment: "This season being the first trophy since we started the group would have to top the list. The elation and happiness winning the FA Cup was amazing. Hopefully kicking off many more moments!"

How big is Arsenal/English football in your area?: "It's growing rapidly! There are your normal "America's Team" supporters of LFC and MUFC, but there are plenty of Arsenal fans around and I see more and more each season. Also, Charlotte is a huge banking city, so there are a lot of expatriates in the area. Charlotte is hosting the Guinness Cup match between LFC and AC Milan in Summer 2014 which will boost the awareness even more. "

Where our members hail from: "All over!! New York, LA, Kansas CIty, Hackney, UK as well as some local Carolinians, just to name a few."

Why Americans should be Arsenal fans: "Not only do we play the right way, but the Club is also run the right way! And that's not spending beyond our means just to break the bank for a super-star ego. Everyone should also love our emphasis on youth development!"

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