Birmingham, AL

If you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area be sure to meet up with the local branch of Arsenal America!

Meet the fans: Birmingham

Group name: Magic City Gooners
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Home Pub: Rojo
2921 Highland Ave S, Birmingham 
Facebook: Magic City ASC 
Twitter: @MagicCityASC 

The Magic City Gooners got their start in Spring 2014 when Brian Fisher, one of the co-founders of the Nashville Gooners, relocated to Birmingham.

"I love going to the pub to watch the game with other Goons so I decided to do it all again here in Birmingham and get a chapter going," FIsher said.

Like many other cities around the United States, the passion for the game - and Arsenal - is building in Birmingham. 

"While you don’t see a ton of people wearing jerseys around, if you wear yours you always get a few people stop you. They either say they’re a fan of a team or just enjoy watching the league in general," FIsher said. "The game is growing for sure!”

The group gathers at Rojo on Highland Avenue.








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