Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, Maryland is a city that many people equate to the gritty TV drama, 'The Wire.' But according to branch manager Joshua Templeton, Baltimore should be known for something else - the home of a growing fan-base of Gooners:

"We have made great strides here in Baltimore, and have gone from 5-10 supporters per match to an average of more than 50 fans every week.  We sing, cheer, and have a fantastic time.  It is a unique experience here in Charm City."

 Meet the fans: Charm City Gooners

Group name: Charm City Gooners
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Home Pub: The Abbey Burger Bistro
1041 Marshall St., Baltimore
Year established: 2004
Facebook: Charm City Gooners
Twitter: @CharmCityGooner

Number of active members: 250+

Where our Gooners hail from: Baltimore and the surrounding suburbs.

Group's favorite Arsenal moment: "The first game of the 2009/2010 season was a cracker, and Charm City Gooners were in fine form for the match. The pub was packed to capacity, and was filled with songs and chants. It was awesome!  The game played out better than we could have ever hoped for, and well... the rest they say was history.

"It was the first time we had such a fantastic turnout, and it was a fantastic start to the season for our beloved Gunners."

Why we are Gooners: “Most have their own stories, which we have been slowly capturing via the Arsenal America web site. The enduring theme is constant: most support the Arsenal because of the love of beautiful football, the culture, and the history. Arsenal supporters tend to be (for the most part) true lovers of the game. Most of the other big four have "fans" but not true supporters. If you ask them who was a part of the team outside of the past few years, they would most likely scratch their heads. Gooners are a faithful bunch, with high expectations. In the end, it is a family, not just a team. I think that is what binds us together, and that is why we support the Arsenal.”

Why Americans should be Arsenal fans: “Each person has their own reasons for supporting his/her favorite club. If you want to watch the most amazing players in the world, play the most beautiful game in the world, you support Arsenal. The fans are loyal supporters, who pour themselves out for each and every game.

"Where else can you support a team and know that we suffer just as the payers do, and we cheer just as the players do. It's a bond between supporter and club that makes us special. Every team has their history, and I won't take that away from them. If you are looking to become a better player, you watch Arsenal F.C. If you want to learn how to manage a club, you look to emulate Arsenal F.C. If you want lots and lots of trophies...well, we are working on that part.”

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