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The Arsenal Foundation has helped Amberliegh fund children to take part in the Asssessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA) Unit Award Scheme by providing singing/vocal training, African drumming and dance, and practical piano/theory sessions.

Here, volunteer projects operation manager Akunna Nwanna-Skeete reveals how two young children, whose parents would prefer they remain anonymous, made progress on the scheme. Many children have made great progress on the scheme but Akunna mentions two whose achievements were recognised at their annual presentation.


A young girl who is now nine years old joined us when she was five. A very shy girl with very little confidence, she has grown and developed over the years to the point where she’s been able to take part in dance performances.

We discovered later that she also had a talent for singing but was too scared to show it. We’re proud to say that after several months of coaching and encouragement, she performed at The Borough’s United Talent Competition in front of 2,000 people. She was very nervous but made it through the performance.

Her family and friends were very proud and were grateful for all the encouragement. She was proud of her own personal achievement and excited to continue the singing/ vocal lessons. We’re hoping to enter her into other talent competitions.


A young girl who is now eight joined us when she was just four, but only stayed with us for a year. She came back last year, very shy and apprehensive. Her mother was concerned about her self-esteem and confidence as she found it difficult to make friends. She was very quiet initially as she didn’t remember being at the group when she was younger, but she was very determined and worked very hard.

She quickly gained friends and observed some of our performances, which encouraged her to eventually take part. She did so well during the year she was graduated into the Amberliegh performance group. She still struggles with performances, however her ambition is very encouraging.

The children continue to form close relationships with each other, while learning to understand and appreciate children with different personalities and cultures. One of our main aims is to teach the children to accept special needs and disabled children and treat them as equals.

They have gained experience in performing, creativity and more importantly respecting each other and authority, which is very beneficial during their school years.

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