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Sustainability Sustain Our Game

Born to usher in the reusable staff cup, the Arsenal staff sustainability group, called Sustain Our Game, has been in operation since 2017.

Initially comprising a few staff representatives particularly engaged in environmental issues, the group has expanded and now incorporates staff from right across the club, from finance to stadium management and marketing to travel, and also includes our very own Under-16 Academy goalkeeper, Alexei Rojas Fedorushchenko, who is passionate about sustainability and the environment.

Sustain Our Game has been working on many areas of sustainability within the club. For example, the group have removed desk bins in the offices to encourage staff to separate their waste and make sure we recycle more. The group have also worked on the club’s stationery provision, insisting on the removal of the plastic packaging from deliveries of pens and pads of paper and also specifying more sustainable products. 

Sustain Our Game continues to engage with staff throughout the club and the recently launched Yammer group (a communication tool via Microsoft used by the club) now boasting 50 members of staff who are all committed to strive to making Arsenal a more sustainable business – and they also encourage fellow staff to do their bit at home, to great effect.

Sustainability Sustain Our Game

Academy goalkeeper Alexei Rojas is a big supporter of our green efforts

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