Arsenal hitting net zero targets

Sustainability Net Zero target

It wasn’t long ago that Arsenal took the step of becoming the first Premier League football club to sign up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Since we made that move, many other football clubs have followed our lead. 

We have recently further illustrated our commitment to becoming a more sustainable club by agreeing to join the high ambition track of the Sports for Climate Action Framework. We all love sport and hopefully all love our planet. By participating in this initiative, we are taking positive steps to preserve both.

So you are probably asking, “What’s the point of another thing to sign up to?” It’s a fair question. 

Where the high ambition track differs from the previous framework is that we have signed up to real, measurable targets that are monitored by the UN. 

What’s more, these targets are hopefully going to have a real impact as all the participants work towards these shared targets and objectives. We have been working towards these targets already – in fact we are pushing ourselves towards even more challenging targets, such is our desire to drive change. Just one practical example is our ground-breaking battery storage system, above, which is helping us on the road to net zero emissions.

Target 1 

We have committed to reducing our emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 and set a net zero target of 2040.

Target 2 

Measure and report. We have been measuring and reporting on our work through various channels and we will continue to do so. 

Target 3 

Plan for reaching net zero emissions. 

Target 4 

Communicate. So here we are! We are updating our Sustainability pages on and we will ensure we keep those pages interesting and informative for all our fans. We will be adding new stories over the coming weeks and months, so please take a look at what your club is doing.

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