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After the club supported the local men’s team in Bore, the Bore Lions, with Arsenal kit and equipment, we were thrilled last year to hear that the women in the area wanted to start up the very first women’s team in the region. 

And thus the Bore Lionesses were born. 

We sent over a full away kit from last season, as you can see, and the team – many of whom work in the Arsenal Forest – have encouraged other groups of women to form their own football clubs. 

Two weeks ago, four of these fledgling football teams came together to play the very first women’s football tournament in Bore, and we’re thrilled to report that our girls came out on top – naturally! In fact we won all three matches without conceding a goal, the results reading as follows: 
Bore Lionesses 1-0 Mkaomoto Simba 
Bore Lionesses 2-0 Black Queens
Bore Lionesses 1-0 Community Queens 

As well as undoubtedly having the most professional kit, our team had the advantage of being guided by FIFA trained coach Claris Jonathan, and we’d like to extend our huge congratulations to the team, who are doing the Arsenal name proud out in Kenya.

Of course, the women at the Arsenal Forest don’t just play football. One of the most important jobs on the site is Nursery Manager and Safeguarding Officer, a role that is filled by Amina John.

Amina makes sure all of the predominantly female workers are treated fairly and protected from exploitation. Many of the older workers are unable to read and write, so Amina explains safeguarding policies and their rights to them, and organises safeguarding committees should a case need to be heard.

Amina also ensures workers get adequate breaks from the tropical heat, no children work on the site and she makes sure employment in our forest is spread equally in the community.

She also promotes a strong emphasis on inclusion, making sure that people living with disabilities are also employed whenever possible. Those with a disability are often at a serious disadvantage in this context. 

Last but not least, hardworking Amina makes sure project benefits – such as the highly prized kit we send out to Bore – is shared out equitably with no favouritism.

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