Arsenal Forest: The rain arrives

Sustainability Forest Big Rain

We’re happy to report that the seasonal “big rains” have arrived in Bore...

Rainfall patterns in this part of the world have been becoming increasingly disrupted over the past few years so the appearance of these rain clouds was a very welcome sight. Just a few days later (and right on time, for a change), the deluge began.

The precious water droplets collect on the happy trees and project manager Alex Katana reports that all the trees are doing well and have had a serious soaking, which will stand them in good stead for the coming dry season. We selected neem trees for this project because they are particularly drought-resistant and most research suggests that East Africa will become more arid in years to come, but all trees require some water and right now these lucky ones are getting as much as they need.

The recent Big Rains have encouraged the bees to swarm and our first hive now has a team of apian residents busily making the initial batch of Arsenal Forest Honey – there could be a lot of product testing going on in Bore soon.

Jefwa Mwaro Choga

On a sadder note, everyone at Arsenal, and all those involved with the Arsenal Forest, would like to extend their sincere sympathies to the family of Jefwa Mwaro Choga, who passed away recently.

Born in 1935, Jefwa was a respected Bore village elder and lifelong Arsenal supporter. He was also well known for his wonderful dance moves – as highlighted on one of the videos posted on the AFCProgramme Twitter feed, where Jefwa is seen dancing along with a group of our women workers, as they support the Bore Lions football team. 

Rest In Peace, Jefwa.

Sustainability Forest Jefwa

Bore village elder and Arsenal fan Jefwa sadly passed away recently

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