Lighting up the Emirates

Sustainability Emirates LED lighting

The removal of festive lights from our homes, streets and towns can often leave us feeling a little gloomy, especially through the miserable January weather. But we’ve got some good lighting-related news for you.

As in any other building, lighting is responsible for a large amount of our power consumption at Emirates Stadium, and therefore any reduction in use is a big benefit. So we are really excited to be able to start on a large lighting project at our home ground, during which we will replace all of our old and inefficient light fittings with energy-efficient LED alternatives.

During this project, which will be commencing imminently and running through to the end of the season, we will replace more than 9,000 lights from throughout the stadium.

The biggest benefit the LED lights have over older alternatives is that they use substantially less electricity, while also providing a more controllable light. We are also investing in better controls and sensors to help reduce light run-times even further, allowing lights that have be left on in unoccupied rooms and areas to switch off – because there is no more efficient light than one that is switched off! 

Hopefully, you will notice the improvements if you are able to visit the Emirates over the next few months. 

Remember that LED lights work as well in your home as they do in our home, so they will also help you to reduce your electricity use. 

For this project we have also thought about how we can better manage the waste, so will be separating the metal from the old fittings and ensuring that goes to recycling. We will also be managing the packaging of the new lights when they arrive at the stadium, with any cardboard also entering our segregated waste streams.

Sustainability Emirates LED lighting

Whether the lights are in our general admission areas (above) or premium lounges, we are on a mission to make sure we are using LED alternatives

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