Arteta It was emotional

Mikel Arteta said the team made ‘an electric start’ against Leeds United, and credited the involvement of the fans as a major factor.

Just before kick-off, The Angel – a song by local artist Louis Dunford – was played on the speakers at Emirates Stadium, and the atmosphere was certainly ramped up in the early stages of the game, with the Gunners racing into a two-goal lead.

Here’s the full transcript of the manager’s post-match interview with Arsenal Media…

on the game...
I have experienced games like that in the league. I have experienced it where things can change very quickly but the way that we started, it was phenomenal. It was electric, really convincing. We were really going for it, forward, no hesitation at all and showing quality. We scored two goals, they then go to 10 men after that, you have to play a different game because the game requires a different game. I think we did our things right but we didn't score the third goal and that was the killer. Then out of nothing, because you haven't had any shots, we concede a corner and concede from there so after that we suffered.

on the song...
Wow. It was really emotional, you know? I think there is a link with the way the team started because they were making comments in the dressing room, hearing the song with the spirit and the emotion that they did, it was unique. I have never experienced that here, it was the first time and I really enjoyed it and I hope that the fans enjoyed it too.

on if nerves played a part...
Well, then you go to a stage in the last 10 minutes that you can lose what you have already earned and in the circumstances that you have earned it. So that's psychologically more difficult to play, but I think we managed it well.

on Eddie Nketiah...
Absolutely deserved because nobody sees what he's done throughout the year, but it's not a coincidence that now he's picking up and he's just scoring goals and he's performing and enjoying the way he is at the moment. I’m so happy for him. 

on how he approaches Tottenham next...
Enthusiasm. Let's go for. It is what was done the whole season and we have the opportunity now against them to do it and our mood and our energy is going to be directed in that way. 

on tempering expectations...
Just understand that we don't have to explain the importance of the match, everybody is aware of that. It's just that we play the game that we want to play and make the most out of it. 

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