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Young Gun: Michal Rosiak

michal rosiak

Throughout the season, we catch up with our young Gunners in the matchday programme to find out more about their route to our academy. This week, Michal Rosiak explains his football journey in Poland, moving to England and more.

I first got into football by watching my dad, who played for the local team. His coach, who was also his friend, encouraged me to start playing and practice my skills, like doing kick-ups. I must have been around six or seven at the time. When I was younger, Cristiano Ronaldo was who I looked up to, especially during his time at Real Madrid. He was sensational. 

I began my football journey in Poland, playing in the Sunday League. My first local team was a small Polish team called Glaz Tychowo in my hometown, in the northwest part of Poland, right near the sea. After that I joined the academy of a small team called Kotwica Kolobrzeg. Seeking better opportunities, my parents brought our family to England in 2016 when I was ten. We initially settled in Croydon, staying with my uncle, before moving around London, eventually finding our home in Enfield where we've been for two years.

"It's challenging but rewarding, especially when you get encouragement from Mikel"

My move to Arsenal happened unexpectedly during a district school game at Cobham, where an Arsenal scout spotted me. After getting my mum's number, the conversations began, leading to a trial at Arsenal's Hale End Academy. Despite getting chicken pox during the trial, which extended it to seven weeks, joining Arsenal was a dream come true for me, given the incredible facilities compared to what I was used to.

My earliest memory at Arsenal was playing my first game, an away match against West Brom where we had to wear their old kit due to our kit being forgotten!. Although it felt weird to wear their shirts, we won, and I scored two goals, and one of them from the halfway line. So I’ll never forget that – a perfect start to my Arsenal journey. 

A few years later I received my scholarship, which meant I would now be training at Sobha Realty Training Centre. That was an amazing feeling. 

Then just last year I got my professional contract, which was an even better feeling. I got the news from Per Mertesacker when I was away at a training camp for the Poland national team and I just couldn’t believe it. It seemed unreal!


Since I’ve come to Sobha Realty Training Centre, I’ve trained with the first team a number of times and it’s a massive leap in intensity. Unlike under-21s football, where you might get away with certain mistakes, the margin for error in first-team training is minimal. 

The tempo is fast, and you're quickly exposed if you’re not sharp. Plus adapting to different positions like right back and centre midfield has been challenging yet rewarding, especially when you get encouragement from Mikel during first-team training sessions. 

This season has been positive – I’ve scored eight goals, with five of them coming from free kicks. People always ask me what I do but honestly it’s just practicing a lot and having the mindset that I'll score every time I step up is crucial. 

Despite the disappointment of losing in the FA Youth Cup final last season, the journey was unforgettable. Scoring crucial goals, including a late winner against Cambridge and a free kick in the semi-final, were standout moments. 

Playing at Emirates Stadium three times is an experience I'll cherish forever. Those memories will last a lifetime.

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