‘You will see this situation happen more and more’


Neymar stole all the headlines this week when he bought himself out of his own contract to move to Paris Saint-Germain.

Arsene Wenger was asked for his thoughts on the situation, and you can read them by scrolling down below:


on whether clubs are more interested in running down contracts…

As well the clubs will encourage the players. The amount of transfers now, you buy some players who are just a player for £50m. So the clubs will not want to pay this amount of money for normal players and they will want to wait until the player is free.

on the 2018 World Cup giving Alexis motivation in the final year of his contract…

Yeah and because as well of his character. I will just remind you that he is not the only one in his position, we have [Mesut] Ozil as well – another big player who is in the same situation. We have [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain, [Kieran] Gibbs, [Jack] Wilshere, we have many. I personally warn you that you will see that situation more and more, it will become common. For one single reason is that the clubs, because the inflation rate is so high, the agent will speculate for very high wages when you start to negotiate two or three years before the end. And the clubs are not in a situation where they can afford to do it. I am convinced that you will see that more and more.

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