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'You have to control the animal that's inside you'

It's been an emotional few weeks for everyone connected with Arsenal - and no one has felt that more than Arsene Wenger.

The Arsenal manager will take charge of his final game in charge of the club on Sunday, and while he admits that will be tough, he learnt a long time ago to "control the animal inside".
This is what he told the media:
on if he’s someone who gets emotional…

Yes, but I’m very passionate and at a very young age, I realised that if I wanted to survive in this job, I had to get control of my emotions or I wouldn’t survive. I don’t know if you [can] imagine, but at 33 years of age, I was responsible for a top team in France. I’m 68 today and I’ve never stopped. There’s a long learning process of controlling who you really are. Control the animal that is inside you. That helps me a lot. I went through some fantastic periods in my life, and as well some more difficult periods. The fact that I managed to keep control of my emotions and my reactions helped me a lot to do my job. Now, after I finish here, I can re-connect a little bit and be a bit more who I am really.
on if we’ve seen the real Arsène Wenger…
You have seen the real Arsène Wenger, one aspect of me, which is a desperate guy who wants to win football games. That’s the thing that matters. That’s what is a really big part of my personality.
on what he still wants to achieve in his career...
I had a personal fight with myself my whole life – to be as good as I can be and I will continue to do that.

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