'You don't stop the love story - it'll never end'

Arsene Wenger discusses the emotions he felt as he waved goodbye to Emirates Stadium for the final time

For Arsene Wenger, it was hard to fully describe the range of emotions that he was feeling after saying goodbye to Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

We spoke to the Arsenal manager on the pitch, and this is how he described the day - and the reception he received from the fans.

on a fantastic day…

We played the game we wanted to play and I would like to thank everybody. Today was absolutely magic. I will never forget a day like that.


on a real range of emotions…

At the moment, I’m trying not to get emotional at all. It would be far too much!


on having his former players at the stadium…

It’s a great day and a fantastic, magical day because on top of that we had fantastic weather. Everything went well and I will never forget that.


on the tributes in the press…

You can only be grateful. What people respect at Arsenal is the way we lead the club with integrity, values and trying to respect the real values of the game. That’s why people respect us.


on what Arsenal means to him…

As I said in my interview, I’m a fan. The fan inside suffers when it doesn’t go well and I’m happy when it goes well. That will continue. You don’t stop the love story from one day to the next. That will never end.

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