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Will Petr Cech start the Europa League final?


Petr Cech has the chance to end his career on a high in the Europa League final in Baku - but will he start the match?

Unai Emery was quizzed about the legendary goalkeeper, who has played the vast majority of our European matches this season, on Tuesday.

Read on to find out what he had to say about him:

on Petr Cech starting in goal…

I cannot sit here talking about Petr Cech, as we could be here one day, two days, three days speaking about him - and it would all be positive. I only know him this year but he is amazing. An amazing person and an amazing goalkeeper. He is experienced and his past in football is also. He is here because he deserves to be here and now his commitment with Arsenal is big, big, it is top. He played the last matches perfectly, with a big performance, and I want to enjoy this final with his career. I am privileged to coach him and we are going to do all our effort to win and to be together in this final.

on whether he will start…

My idea, and my way every match is to speak with the player when I decide if they are in the first 11, and at the moment I trust and believe in him. He played with a big performance and I could use him or I could use Leno, but above all I want to enjoy with all our players and a special moment with some players. I spoke with Aaron Ramsey, but he is injured, but it’s the same with Petr Cech; I want to deliver for him in his last match, playing or not.

on whether Cech could become a manager…

I don’t know, but I know he plays the drums! He is a special man. I want to play with him one day! I said that to him months ago. I said that to him, and it is amazing! One day in the Europa League were in BATE Borisov and they were asking him in Russian and I said, you understand Russian? He said, ‘Yes coach’ - it was amazing! He can speak a lot of languages. I worked in Moscow and even I don’t know Russian!

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