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Why Foord will be feeling less pressure in Spain

For most footballers, playing in a Champions League quarter-final is something they've been dreaming of since they were very young.

But that's not the case for Caitlin Foord.

"Honestly, I didn't grow up with football in the family or watching football, I just enjoyed playing it because I loved doing sports," she explained. "That's how I got into football. 

"For a very long time, I didn't even watch it I just played it. I'm not too familiar with the Champions League but now I'm older, more involved with football and enjoy watching it, I'm now watching the men's Champions League. 

"Before now, I hadn't even watched the women's games because as you said with the time difference and all that, it's never been something that I've done at 3am. I normally enjoy the friends that I have playing and at that time I wasn't familiar with European players too much. There's not too much background for me with the Champions League to be honest.

"I guess in a way it's that sense of being naive and not too sure. The pressure games, and this is definitely one of them, I haven't really experienced the massive hype behind it yet. I know it's a big game in my head but it's different when you've been watching it or growing up with it. It definitely plays a different role, for sure."

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