Why fashion is part of Bellerin’s heritage

Hector Bellerin's relationship with fashion goes way back.

In fact, when our full back was growing up in his native Spain, it was ingrained in his culture from an early age.


But why is it so important to him?


"It's always my grandma," Bellerin told Arsenal Player. "She started her own fashion factory with my grandad who used to help her, especially when it came to machinery and when her machines used to break, he was the one who repaired it and all this stuff.


"My mum did everything, she studied and she's got a degree on it. She's been making clothes forever and as I said before, it was the environment I was growing up with. So I was either playing football or I was around sewing machines.


"It's part of me, it's part of who I am and it's something that as I've been growing up and understanding that it's not just a t-shirt or it's not just clothes, there's a lot of art and craft around it.


"When you understand and when you see how people are able to put the images in their heads, in a piece of clothing, it's amazing. It's something that I enjoy doing and something that is part of my family and has brought me even closer to my family than I was before. So it's something that fills me up and makes me very happy."

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