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What is the latest on Santi Cazorla?

Santi Cazorla

What is the latest news on Santi Cazorla? Arsene Wenger provided an update in his press conference on Friday, and revealed the early team news ahead of the Swansea game.

The Arsenal manager also discussed Danny Welbeck’s recovery from a hip issue, and had positive news on Oliivier Giroud. This is what he had to say:

on the early team news…

Giroud should be back in the squad for Swansea. For Welbeck, it’s too early. That’s basically it.

on Santi Cazorla...

The latest news is that he is supposed to come back now. He had his latest surgery and we have to see where we go from there.

on whether he will play this season...

I sent him a message two weeks ago and wished him well, hoping to see him soon. He has not come back yet because he has just had surgery. The medical people know much better than I do whether he will play again in 2018 before the end of the season. Before the end of the season will be hard for him.

on whether he will be offered a new deal...

That depends on his medical availability at the top level. We have to assess that until the end of the season - if Santi is fit and available to play, then yes. Of course, we have to see that.

on whether Santi will make it back to the top level...

That is why I tell you it is a complicated situation because first of all we love him, second of all he is a great football player but the third situation is that you need to be healthy today to play at the intensity that is needed in the Premier League. So we have to see if he can absorb that or not.

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