Wenger’s latest comments on Alexis’ future

Once again, Arsene Wenger’s post-match press conference was dominated by Alexis’ future and when he will return to training.

The Chile international posted a picture on social media declaring that he is unwell, and the boss was asked about it on Saturday following the Emirates Cup victory against Benfica.

This is what he had to say:

on Alexis…
He has flu, yes. I had him on text yesterday. He will come back as soon as possible and we were in touch with him and his doctor and he has no basic problem apart from the fact that he should come back tomorrow, but he comes back on Tuesday.

on whether Alexis’ future has developed…
There’s no development, it’s always the same.

on whether he thinks people may have misinterpreted Alexis’ Instagram post…
No. Your job is to be suspicious. Your job is built on mistrust and mine is built on trust. So that’s why I prefer my side.

if what he said about his own contract situation last season causing uncertainty also applies to Alexis this season…
No, it’s not the same. It’s not the same I think, the players who have one year of contract have to respect their contract and play out their contract. After for a manager is a bit different because it concerns more what is the future of the club. The players were thinking what’s going on and what’s happening, so it creates uncertainty because it’s a global policy. I am responsible for the global policy of the club but for the players it is different.

on whether Alexis has told him whether he would like to stay or leave…
I cannot reveal to you what he says to me always, no.

on what’s being said in the text messages between them…
I don’t want to talk. I cannot reveal what is a secret conversation.

on what language they are texting in…
We speak in English.

on whether Alexis is in the country…
He’s flying back as soon as he’s in a position to fly back. He has flu and that’s a question of normally four or five days.

on whether he will have a meeting with Alexis…
I cannot constantly talk about that. I’m meeting with all the players.

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