Wenger - My gut feeling is to leave England

Arsene Wenger has a “gut feeling” that his next job in football will not be in England - because it would feel like “a betrayal” to the club.


As we get used to life after Arsene, Arsene is coming to terms with life after Arsenal. And in an exclusive interview with Arsenal.com, he admitted that he’s leaning towards a move abroad.


“It will be very difficult for me [without Arsenal],” said Wenger.


“At the moment if I want to continue to work, I think I have to move out of the country, because my gut feeling at the moment is that I would feel I would betray my club by staying in England. People might feel that I’ve betrayed what I’ve built here.


“That is the problem I face at the moment. My club is here, my heart is here and will be forever. As I said in my speech on the pitch after the Burnley game, I’m a fan above all.”

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