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Wenger - Memories of my first press conference

As he faced the media for the final time at London Colney, Arsene Wenger was asked to spool back 22 years to reflect on his very first press conference as Arsenal manager.

The Frenchman admitted that it felt like a lifetime ago, and also discussed his relationship with the press during his time at the club.
This is what he said:
on his first press conference...
I remember how bad my English was! And the curiosity that people had about me, because I came from nowhere. But I completely maintain what I said there, one of my jobs was to keep faithful to the qualities I had found here. The world has changed, the players are richer as well. I tried always to maintain the tradition and values of this club as much as I could. Overall I believe I was not too bad.
on whether he will miss the media...
Yes, because nobody will ask me anymore about things. I always told you I love football and I love the game. Every time I can talk about the game with you, I'm happy. I didn't enjoy many of the press conferences because it was sometimes, for different reasons, to get my emotional response. But every time I can talk about the game and the things I love in the game, I'm happy. On that front I will miss the press conferences.
on whether this is the last time a long-term manager will face the press...
It's a very unique press conference because [Sir Alex] Ferguson was the last one. I take this opportunity to wish him well. I see he is doing well, and I think he made 26 years and I am on 22. There are some young managers who are already five or six years in charge. But 22? I don't know. You never can say I am the last one, it can happen again.
on holding press conferences at 8.45am...
First, I like that you have to get up early because I know in the press nobody likes to get up early! They usually start at 10 or 11am. So to make you suffer a little bit as well. And I know if I start early, you will not all turn up so it will be a bit easier for me!

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