Wenger on the latest transfer rumours

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

The transfer window is open and, for the first time this summer, reporters have had the chance to ask Arsene Wenger about some of the players linked with us.

That opportunity came at a press conference shortly after we arrived in Sydney for the first leg of our summer tour. Here’s what the boss said:

on whether he’d consider more signings…

I am open to get some more signings, but it is not easy to find the players who can strengthen our squad, because we have top-quality players. There are two ways to improve always: analyse what we did well last season and what we did not so well and improve that, and then you can bring new players in. But at the moment, because we are in pre-season, it is very important for us to analyse well what happened last season and where we can improve. We have top quality in our squad, and at the moment I focus on that. 

on Thomas Lemar…

That’s all speculation at the moment, there is nothing really concrete about any signing. 

on whether we have bid for him…

He’s a player that we have looked at, but the rest is only speculation.

on Kylian Mbappe…

He’s a player who, when he gets up in the morning, can choose where he wants to go. There are not many players with that kind of luck, because he’s only 18 years of age and has the whole of Europe rolling out a red carpet for him.

on whether we are “rolling out the red carpet”…

Nobody can say they are not interested in a player of that calibre, because he has such immense quality at 18 years of age. All the clubs are open and interested in him.

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