Press conference

Wenger on Iwobi reports, VAR and touchline ban

Watching our games from the stands, the prospect of VAR and newspaper reports about Alex Iwobi.

Arsene Wenger was asked about all of that (and more) at his press conference on Tuesday.

Read on for his responses to the reporters’ questions:

on whether the newspaper claims about Iwobi are true…
What kind of claims?

on the reports that Iwobi was out before the Forest game…
Yes, if that is true, he will be fined. It is impossible to go out 48 hours before a game. It’s unacceptable. I will have to of course see him to see if that is right or not.

on Iwobi going out...
It was not the night before the game, it was 48 hours before the game. The night before the game we were in a hotel. But it is not acceptable and I will have to speak to him about that. First of all you have to be cautious with the news coming out, when you read what is reported it is like he has taken drugs. I do not think he is not involved in that at all, he has been out at a birthday party. How long has he stayed? That is important. After, I will decide what happens.

on Iwobi not drinking...
Not at all. If your neighbour takes drugs, what can you do about it? You are responsible for your behaviour, not for the behaviour of your neighbour.


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on how it affected Iwobi's performance at Forest...
Who knows that? You must have played football, you know that sometimes you want to prepare 100 per cent but sometimes it is not a guarantee that you will be at your best. But that is what is requested from a top-level professional.

on whether he welcomes VAR…
Yes of course, because there are so many things happening recently I think we would welcome it. But first of all there is still a demand for clear rules on, for example, what is a penalty and what is not a penalty before we go into VAR, as it can get more confused as well.

on how hard it was to watch from the stands at Forest…
Very difficult, I must say.

on whether it was different…
Different, physically separated, not being capable to have any attachment to the team. I am physically so long on the bench it is very difficult. It’s frustrating.

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