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Wenger - I'm focused... I work like ever

Ever since Friday's announcement about his future, Arsene Wenger has been besieged with questions - and Wednesday was no different.

The Arsenal manager is preparing for our Europa League semi-final first leg against Atletico Madrid, and he was keen to get that message across.
 on how he’s feeling ahead of the game…
Focused. In our job there’s only one thing that matters: the next game. That’s what I’m focused on.
 on if the last five days have been surreal…
At the moment no, because I do my job, keep my routine and focus on what I have to do every day. I prepare well for the game. I think it will be surreal for me when I don’t work. At the moment I work like ever.
 on if he’s had any second thoughts…
You’re never sure you do the right thing, but life is interesting because you have to deal with different kinds of situations. Until now, I had a life that was full of different experiences. Some were very difficult to deal with, but I always did it. That’s another one certainly I will face one day.
 on if it’s strange that people are talking about next Arsenal manager…
No, it’s not strange to me. I can understand that. People want to know what the future is about. For me, that’s completely normal.

on whether he’ll have any input…
No, no.

on whether he’s happy for David Dein to give potential recruiters his number…
They will find my phone number, don’t worry! Honestly, I don’t know what I will do. Will I take a little rest? I will continue to work, that’s for sure. My pride has always been to give my best to where I’m employed until the last day of my contract. At the moment I’m just focused on that.

on whether people wouldn’t be wasting their time by calling him…
At the moment, yes, because at the moment I’m not ready to commit to anything else other than giving my best for Arsenal Football Club.
 on Sir Alex Ferguson…
We are friends now, Alex Ferguson and I!

on whether he’s been in touch…
Yes. I keep [what he said] private.

on whether it was via text or phone…
Both. He called me yesterday so I will have to call him back today.


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