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Wenger on Giroud, Aubameyang and deadline day

Olivier Giroud came off the bench at Swansea City on Tuesday - but will he still be our player when the transfer window closes?

That question was put to Arsene Wenger after our defeat at the Liberty Stadium, and here’s what he said about our long-serving France striker.

on whether Giroud is leaving…
That will all be decided tomorrow [Wednesday], you know. As usual, [things happen on the] final day and we will know more about that tomorrow.

on it being unusual for Giroud to play considering he could leave tomorrow…
It’s a tribute to Olivier, yes. He is a guy who gave great service to the club, he never let us down on the commitment front and he saved us many times. I have absolutely no doubt that when I ask him if he is ready to commit and he says yes, I have no problem with that. That is why I put him on, because it was needed and unfortunately he couldn’t help us.

on whether he will be sad to see Olivier go if he does leave tomorrow…
Yes. I have personally, of course, taken him from Montpellier and he became a strong, regular international player for France and we have gone together through good and bad. But always I believe his behaviour has been top, top class and the respect is more linked to that than to all the rest.

on whether Olivier going to Chelsea is a tough decision for the club to accept…
Look, at the minute, I don’t want to talk too much about where he goes, if he goes. That will be definitely decided. Nothing is concluded at the moment.

on whether we are close to signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang…
That as well, we will inform you tomorrow [on Wednesday]. Because that’s the deadline - tomorrow.

on if he is confident…
The confidence doesn’t help too much in that. Every detail can make deals and the deals nowadays are so complicated that so long as you have not finished it, you cannot be too confident - it doesn’t help too much.

on if Olivier is having to leave in order to sign Aubameyang…
Olivier is an Arsenal man and after that he needs to play as well. He has not played many games in the Premier League since the start of the season and he is a regular player in the French national team. There is a World Cup where France will go, the places are of course very difficult to get and at some stage it was a difficult situation for him. But he always had his heart 100 per cent in the team and he was committed.

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